Asian Tofu and Cabbage Bowl

When I started making dishes with cold tofu, I was pretty much doing it because I didn’t want to cook anything. But now, I’m doing it because I really like how it tastes.

So today, for my bowl, I started with some shredded cabbage and almost made an asian hoisin coleslaw with it. I made a dressing with hoisin sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha and sesame oil. Super easy and super tasty. I poured some of that over the cabbage and just let it hang out for a bit. With the extra sauce, I poured it over some cubed tofu that I pressed for 30 minutes. It was a really good sauce.

Once I had those 2 components done, then I could get my accompaniments and put it all together. So I chopped some cucumber and made a little avocado fan and that was pretty much it.

So the coleslaw was on the bottom, then went the tofu, cucumber and avocado. To decorate, I sprinkled some sesame seeds and peanuts.

I really enjoyed this lunch. I ended up just mixing everything together so that I could get each thing in every bite. Satisfying and super nutritious.


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