Stirfry with Roasted Beets

So maybe my title is a little misleading because you might think I made a stirfry with beets inside it, but the beets here were just on top of my very asian inspired stirfry.

For the stirfry itself, I just sauteed some green onion and green cabbage, then added a couple cups of bean sprouts (which are one of my favourite ingredients). For flavouring, I added some hoisin sauce (for sweetness and touch of sour, kind of a unique taste), sriracha (for heat) and some sesame oil (because I like it). After tasting it, I realised I may have added a little too much spice, so I put a bit of maple syrup to calm the heat.

I put all that in my bowl and noticed how it was lacking colour. I looked in my fridge and saw leftover roasted beets (which we actually made in the instant pot – super quick and easy way to cook beets – it took about 10 minutes to get them tender). So i just put those on top of my meal and it looked beautiful.

This was a really good dish and I would definitely make again. I might add some protein – chicken, edamame, tofu – just to make it more filling. But overall, super good lunch.

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