Festive Toast

I love toast (including this one Sweet Potato Avocado Toast). This morning I made 2 different kinds of toast. The first one with avocado and sliced cucumber was delicious and I knew it would be since that’s my go-to variety.

The other one had ricotta cheese (leftover from my Lasagna Rollups) and pomegranate arils. This one was really yummy. The creaminess of the ricotta was delicious and with the juiciness of the pomegranate, it was awesome. It probably could have used a little more sweetness, maybe a drizzle of honey, but it was definitely a good breakfast.

And it’s funny, I didn’t intend to make it look festive, I only realised it after I took the picture. These toasts were very aesthetic – if it looks good, it must taste good too (usually haha).


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