Carrot Pulp Muffins

My dad loves to make juice and there’s always so much pulp that usually gets thrown out. This time, I wanted to use it. He made a carrot apple juice, so I used that (but any variety of fruit/vegetable pulp will work, but you could also just use the freshly grated things too). 

I used the recipe from ohmyveggies ( and I made a few small changes:

  1. I used canola to replace coconut oil
  2. Instead of 3/4 cup brown sugar, I used 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1/3 cup apple sauce and 1 mashed banana
  3. Like I said before, I used the juice pulp instead of freshly grated

This was a really yummy recipe and weren’t dry at all. 

I wrapped the muffins up individually and put them in the freezer. They’re such a good grab and go snack


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