Penne with Bolognese

I love making my own pasta sauce. It’s so easy to just grab a jar in the grocery store, but homemade is healthier and tastes so much better (in my opinion).

I made the easiest meat sauce to go with pasta, for dinner tonight. I started off by sautéing onions and celery in a splash of olive oil. Then I threw in lean ground beef – which can be omitted or replaced with your protein of choice. I let that cook until it was no longer pink, then I added chopped bell pepper and zucchini. Again, let that cook a bit, then I added all the flavours. I put about 2 cups of passata (basically just tomato puree), 1 cup water and lots of seasoning – spoonful of sugar, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, chili flakes and basil. The sugar is really key in helping to offset the acidity of the tomatoes. 

I basically just let that simmer and cook down for about 15 minutes then tossed it with cooked penne. So good and simple and healthy with all the veggies.


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