Sweets and Beets Bowl

I love fall. I love root vegetables. And roasting them is the best.

We went to the farmer’s market last weekend and picked up some pretty beets – golden and candy cane. I roasted them up with some sweet potato with oil, salt and pepper. Even though the pieces were kinda small, they did take a good 45 minutes to get tender. You need patience with beets.

I also made some tofu sticks, which I prepared the same way as chicken fingers – 3 step breading with flour, egg wash and panko bread crumbs. I added spices to the different steps so they had lots of flavour.

To serve, I put a little bed of mixed greens, then topped with the roasted veggies and tofu sticks and put some avocado, cucumber and tomato on the side too.

I also made a little dressing/sauce (not pictured). It was hummus based and super delicious. It had hummus (duh), oil, lemon juice, dried parsley, honey, salt and pepper.

Really good dinner with ingredients that are in season. Go eat some beets, they’re yummy and good for you!


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  1. chefkreso says:

    A bowl full of delicious ingredients!

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