Peanut Tofu Bowl with Carrots and Couscous

I just submitted my last assignment for my university undergrad so I am unofficially done school (yay!). I decided to treat myself to a nice hot lunch.

I had made this awesome peanut butter sauce that I was gonna use for coleslaw the other day but that never happened so I used it today instead. It was a really good sauce with peanut butter, rice vinegar, soy sauce, vegetable oil, sriracha, sugar, ginger powder.

So I cut my tofu block into steaks then pressed it for a few minutes. Then I cut those pieces into cubes – I think I had about 30 cubes in total. I put those in a baking dish in a single layer with a little bit of oil and let them bake in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. 20 minutes in, I added some cut baby carrots into the pan so they could cook slightly with the tofu.

When those were almost done, I made a little couscous and mixed that with a splash of soy sauce and sriracha for extra flavour.

After that, I just had to put everything together. So couscous at the bottom, then tofu cubes and carrots on top then I drizzled the sauce on top of everything. I also added some peanuts for extra texture.

Really good meal, super filling and healthy. It’s very similar to another post I made a few months ago (Peanut Tofu, Cauliflower Rice and Bokchoy/), this one was much simpler though.


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