Cheeseless Mac n Cheese

So when I thought of making this dish, I knew it would either turn out really well or be a total flop. Obviously I was hoping for the former. And lucky for me, it was a success!

I’ve seen cheeseless mac n cheese recipes before but they all have nutritional yeast – I was looking for something different. I ended up just winging it.

I boiled chopped cauliflower, a potato and an onion in a pot until they were all tender – about 10 minutes, but all depends on how big you cut them. Once they were done, I saved about 2 cups of the starchy cooking water and strained the rest. Then I blended up the veggies with some of the water (in batches) until it was all done. In the last batch, I added salt, pepper, chili flakes and dried parsley so they could get some flavour mixed in too. 

I put all the sauce back in my big pot and added a little almond milk for extra ceaminess and adjusted a little more for seasoning. Then I mixed it with cooked macaroni and voila, dinner is served.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out. There’s nothing wrong with actual mac and cheese but this version is definitely more guilt-free and it’s perfect for people who can’t or choose not to ear dairy. 


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  1. chefkreso says:

    Yummy take on mac and cheese!

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