Ethiopian Platter

I obviously did not make this food. I honestly don’t really know what I was eating but it was so good. You basically get this “bread” called injera, you rip a piece off and grab some food with your fingers. You scoop it up and just eat it. No cutlery, no plates. It’s quite different from a traditional meal which makes it fun.

This platter had vegetarian things (2 kinds of lentils, spinach, cabbage, beets, lettuce) but also meats (lamb, beef stew, chicken). Each thing is so flavourful on its own but when you get a little bit of a few things, it tastes even better.

So you get a huge platter of food to share with the table, some injera to eat it with, and there’s another piece of injera underneath all the food which you eat after.. it’s a little difficult to eat cause it’s soaked up all the juices but it’s still really good. 

I was stuffed after. I ate so much cause it was so good. If you have a chance, you should go out to try some ethiopian food.


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