Day 3: Berry Smoothie, Duo of Salads, and Rainbow Spring Rolls

Breakfast today also involved a blender. I made a smoothie with almond milk, oats and frozen blueberries, raspberries and coconut. I also added a little vanilla and honey for extra sweetness. I also ate a grapefruit. It was an alright breakfast, I just wish I had a better blender because there were so many seeds and small pieces that didn’t get broken up.

Lunch was similar to yesterday cause I wasn’t really sure what to make. I had an iceberg lettuce salad with carrots, radishes, olives, red onion and a walnut oil-balsamic dressing. i also had leftover chickpeas and shredded zucchini from yesterday, so I tossed those with some more pesto. I was eating them separately but then I ended up just mixing them together which tasted pretty good.

Dinner took a different approach. I got these rice paper wrappers and I made some nice fresh spring rolls with lots of veggies. I have made these before but I saw this recipe from Minimalist Baker and I thought it was a cute idea ( I didn’t have mint or cilantro so I just used romaine lettuce leaves and avocado for the green and I put radish instead of beets for the red. I also made the peanut sauce which really added a lot of flavour to these rolls. You could put any combination of vegetables or proteins if you wanted (chicken, shrimp, beef, tofu). Super easy and versatile.

This was a pretty good food day. Dinner was my favourite because I love rice paper rolls.


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