Day 2: Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl, Collard Greens Salad, and Asian Zucchini Carrot Salad

I was trying to think of interesting ways to make meals to eat, so for breakfast, I decided to make a smoothie bowl but I wanted it to be super filling and satisfying. I put old fashioned oats (which are full of fibre and complex carbs) and water in a blender (slightly more water in comparison), and let it blend for about 1 minute until it was pretty smooth. Then for flavour, I added chopped apple, cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup. I let it go for another minute, until smooth again. I poured it into a bowl and mixed in more chopped apple, then garnished with a few berries and cinnamon. It turned out kinda thick but was quite tasty and I was full for a while afterwards.

Lunch was a salad. It had almost all the same ingredients from yesterday’s salad (, but this time, my base was shredded iceberg lettuce and collard greens. So I had olives, chickpeas, radishes and a pesto-walnut oil dressing. It was really good. although this was not as filling, I had a couple clementines and carrots as a snack, which helped.

Dinner was a vegetable version of a pad thai inspired salad. I shredded zucchini and carrots, and sliced up peppers. Also put some red onion and peanuts. I made a soy and sesame oil dressing and mixed it all up. I ate it all with some romaine lettuce leaves. 

So as you can see from my recipes, I am really trying to use a wide variety of vegetables that are all different colours and textures because that is what will lead to an exciting dish. Overall, this was a pretty good day 2.

I am always looking for more recipe ideas, so I will take any suggestions!


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