Day 1: Chickpea Salad Lettuce Wraps + Challenge for the Week

I’m trying to do a raw challenge this week, so only eating foods in their raw form. I was kind of inspired by a guy that I found on instagram who is eating raw and vegan (

I’m kind of doing this as an experiment to see if I’ll be full and satisfied from following this type of diet. I might be cheating cause I ate some dairy products today, but basically I have to get creative with my proteins and grains (since I’m limited in foods that can be eaten raw).

And as you know (from some of my previous posts) that I am not a vegetarian so this challenge will be interesting for me. We’ll see how this goes.

Day 1 was a chickpea salad in lettuce wraps with celery and hummus (I’m eating every meal raw, but this was just my dinner). The salad has chickpeas, carrots, radishes, red onion, kalamata olives and a basil pesto as the dressing. You could put any combination of vegetables in the salad, but this is what I had on hand. And putting it in lettuce leaves made it a little more satisfying.

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