Veggie Beef and Cornbread Casserole

I was looking for something new to make for dinner and I definitely found it. I had cornmeal and veggie ground beef (ground chicken/beef would work too) and figured out how to put them together. I found this recipe from Taste of Home for a casserole (called Beef and Cornbread Casserole), but I made a few improvisations to make it my own. 

The base is basically veggie meat, onions, peppers, crushed tomatoes, and some spices (paprika, chili, parsley, basil, salt and pepper). Just cook that all down then put in an 8×8 pan. 

The top is a nice and fluffy cornbread which I followed the recipe exactly, but I added about 1/3 cup shredded cheese into the mix. I also added a bit of cheese on top to make it golden brown. 

The meat mixture was a little spicy but the cornbread was a little sweet (from the sugar in it), so it was a good balance.

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