Apple Chips

Today, I technically did some baking, but there wasn’t much to it. Apple chips are one of the easiest things to make but they are a little time consuming. In the past, I’ve tried to make apple chips at a higher temperature for less time, but they don’t turn out the same. You really need the full 3 hours at a really low oven temperature to get them perfect. And in case you’re wondering, I got this recipe from sally’s baking addiction, which is one of my favourite websites ( So check her out cause she makes such awesome things!

So I had 2 trays full of apple slices side by side, but as you can see, they really shrunk because of all the dehydrating. If I had more baking sheets and oven space, I totally would have made more apple chips. They’re THAT good. I really think you should go make some apple chips. They’re so much healthier and cheaper than store-bought ones, AND these taste a whole lot better.


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