Asian Meatballs

I’m just gonna start off by saying that I did not make the meatballs in that picture, that is the picture from the original Gimme Some Oven recipe ( I did make this recipe tonight though, and mine looked similar, I just didn’t have the green onions or sesame seeds. So I wasn’t thinking and after I posted the picture of my dinner to instagram, I accidentally deleted it from my phone, which is why I couldn’t post it here. But you can check it out on instagram, along with all my other posts (

So for my dinner, I made those meatballs and I had to improvise a bit with the sauce because I didn’t have any hoisin, so I tried just substituting extra soy sauce and brown sugar. The flavours worked out, but my sauce was much thinner than the original recipe. However, it still tasted delicious.

I served it with rice, roasted carrots and obviously sriracha because I love it so much.


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