Corned Beef Hash

Tonight for dinner, I made use of a few leftovers from a couple nights ago. We had some boiled potatoes and corned beef, so right away, I knew I wanted to make a hash. I didn’t think it would be enough potato, so I also diced up a small zucchini and onion. So everything was cut up into about even pieces and I cooked it all down. I usually don’t have much patience when I cook because I just want to eat, but today I decided to let it all cook down and caramelize. It was so worth it. The onions were super sweet and it was just so good. I only seasoned it with some oregano, paprika and chili flakes, as well as lots of sriracha on top.. I like things spicy. And I added a sunny side up egg on top because when you break into the yolk it makes like a nice sauce and coats the hash nicely. It was just a super good, but super simple dinner. I would definitely make this again.

And I know this is super similar to a hash I made a couple weeks ago, but this was a more traditional corned beef hash. The first one was more out-of-the-box. Both were super good. If you have no idea what post I’m talking about, you should check it out.

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