Coconut Macaroons

I just made one of the easiest desserts ever. This is actually my second time making them in the past week because they are so good! These macaroons are only 5 ingredients (coconut, sugar, eggs, ground almonds, salt) and they’re pretty hard to mess up. Literally mix everything in a bowl and then make little mounds on a tray and bake. I will warn you though, if you want to make these, it’s very important to either use parchment on your baking sheet or grease it well. The dough (not sure what else to call it) was super sticky and you don’t want them to be stuck on to your pan afterwards. But these macaroons are really yummy because they get caramelized around the edges and they’re chewy. You’ll never want to reach for a can of macaroons again. Making your own is so much better and 100 times tastier too!


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